Shepparton Skylights has spent 30 years designing and advocating the installation of skylights to lower Australia’s energy dependence and improve our quality of life. And the beauty of our vision is that there are many affordable solutions for people to consider.

To provide the very best standards to our customers, Shepparton Skylights is dedicated to providing a complete service. And we make this happen by finely crafting our own products right here in Australia, while we also oversee their installation. This is to ensure that our customers get exactly what they pay for.

Shepparton Skylights has refined the act of acquiring cost-effective materials that are used to create highly functional skylights that look incredible and also offer weatherproof protection. Most manufacturing operations are hosted at our Wangaratta facility, with other support sites present in Australia.

What you can expect from Shepparton Skylights is:

  • Supreme customer service
  • Elite Australian manufacturing
  • Energy efficient products to improve lives

Shepparton Skylights can offer a free quote for your skylight solution. Simply phone on 1300 35 15 15 for more details.