Shepparton Skylights has dealt with numerous design and installation challenges over the past 30+ years. For reference, we have listed our most frequently asked questions below:

Q. How long is a skylight installation?

A. Unique structural challenges and the installation of multiple skylights can increase the timeframe. That being said, it’s often possible to finish a single standard installation in two hours.

Q. Can a skylight affect my heating?

A. Your heating should be unaffected if the installation is performed by an approved professional from Shepparton Skylights.

Q. Do skylights ever leak?

A. Leaking can affect a skylight, but it’s extremely unusual if a highly trained professional has completed the installation.

Q. Can I do the installation?

A. Shepparton Skylights can provide you with installation instructions upon request.

Q. Why are round and square skylights different?

A. Round skylights can be advantageous if your building’s design presents a structural challenge. Meanwhile, a square skylight can offer greater light distribution. The best option entirely depends on your circumstances.

Q. Can you explain how skylights work?

A. Skylights are designed using rooftop domes that draw in natural light that subsequently travels down a reflective shaft and through a diffuser panel into the room below.

Q. How do I pick the right skylight size?

A. The structural design and dimensions of your building will determine which skylights can fit. When making the exact choice, think about how much natural light you want, as a larger skylight will introduce more light.

Q. Can a skylight cut my energy bill?

A. The short answer is yes, but the slightly longer answer is that you have to start using electric lighting during fewer hours of the day. Using less artificial light will equate to lower energy bills.

Q. Will my building be more valuable with a skylight?

A. A greater presence of natural light will make your building more appealing and pleasant, which can help increase its value. Moreover, the building can also rise in value by becoming more energy efficient.

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