Custom Skylight Solutions

Buildings can come in numerous shapes and sizes, which can present a unique challenge for every customer. In fact, there can even be times when a custom skylight is actually the ideal ideal solution. To get one, all you need to do is turn to Shepparton Skylights for a specialist solution designed to your exact preferences and measurements.

The best course of action on custom orders is for one of our designers to visit your building in person. Having an experienced designer measure and evaluate your building in person will enable them to create a custom skylight that perfectly addresses your exact structural challenges. Additional design factors include:

  • Measurements
  • Glazes
  • Frame colours
  • Control options

After introducing natural light into your home or business, Shepparton Skylights can also guarantee that your solution will have 100% weatherproofing and be structurally secure.

Shepparton Skylights can design custom skylights at competitive rates. Call us now on 0409 756 437 to get the process started.