Flexishaft Skylights

Shepparton Skylights can recommend the flexishaft design as a superb option for customers operating on tighter budgets. By using economical materials, we have ensured that you can install skylights without having to make a large investment.

Key to the affordable design of Flexishaft skylights is that they are made with a flexible shaft that is cheaper to produce than solid shaft skylights. Both designs will draw natural light into the rooms below, but the preferred option can depend on your budget.

Another strength of these skylights is that their flexible design allows for them to be installed extremely quickly. One of our installation teams can have them fitted while also handling the following challenges:

  • Rooftop domes
  • Shafts
  • Ceiling frames
  • Prismatic diffusers

Shepparton Skylights can provide Australian homes and businesses with flexishaft or solid shaft solutions. Call now on 0409 756 437 to discuss your options.



Sizes Available

600mm x 400mm
800mm x 400mm
800mm x 600mm
1200mm x 600mm
Larger sizes available upon request

Flexishaft / Standard Skylight Gallery