Roof Windows

roof window glazing diagramEnergy efficiency causes Australian homes and businesses to waste millions every year. For many, there is no obvious way to become more energy efficient and to cut energy bills. Fortunately, Shepparton Skylights can guarantee a proven solution designed to Australian standards.

After years of development, Shepparton Skylights can produce laminated skylight glazing that is proven to reduce radiant heat rejection by 95% for 76% for UV. Those statistics simply mean that you can add our roof windows to your home or business and cut back on energy usage by becoming less dependent on heating.

And there is the extra benefit of having an in-house professional from Shepparton Skylights visit your home or business to complete the installation to our extremely high standards.

When ordering roof windows, you can pick and choose from an array of special features. Call us now on 0409 756 437 to ask about electronic controls and other features.


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